Hi there.

I'm Vidar Hokstad

I'm Norwegian, but have lived in London since 2000.

My time is split between my day-job as a technologist at a venture capital firm, and my writing.

I started planning Galaxy Bound around 2016, but put it aside for other projects. Currently I have a loose plan for up to about 60 novels in that universe. I also occasionally write short stories.

My first book - The Year Before the End - is out now. My second book, Galaxy Bound will be out ca. May 2021. The rest of the first 6-book cycle will come throughout 2021, possibly into 2022.

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Contact me

  • If you're interested in reviewing my novels, DM @GalaxyBoundNews on Twitter and my PR agent will pick up the request.
  • Interview requests or other proposals can be e-mailed to [email protected]; I am busy, if you don't hear back, but occasionally things get lost. Feel free to DM @GalaxyBoundNews once if you don't hear back by e-mail.

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