Mana Winds

11 Dec 2022 - Vidar Hokstad

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We sail the mana winds into interstellar space.
We surf the bursting magic of the stars.
We travel
 , and we seek
 , and we play
 , and we love
   in the dark

   where we can observe and nurture
   and garden.

We found the Earth
 a barren, desolate place
 where the world is limited
 to the natural,
 where the magic doesn't reach,
 where the Mana has run dry.

We quarantined it.

Every now and again we water it
  with little drops
    of mystery
    and dreams.

Hoping maybe one day
A well can be created there
and the magic burst forth.

We are waiting

So when it does burst forth
and infuses the world
with magic
we can

Cleanse it
of that
of natural beings.

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